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A course on getting published Turn your dreams into bylines and help yourself to a bright future as a magazine writer. If youíre a determined writer Ė experienced or not, this class will provide you with the skills you need to get published. Learn to share your testimony, stories of faith, Godís blessing in your life, and encouragement to others.

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When asking me to speak, one dad wrote: "People are flat out busy. Moms are busy and tired. The general thrust of being encouraged and supported in homeschooling and supporting each other is what is most important. As my wife says, 'Tell Kym to talk to us just like her magazine is.' " Out of that discussion came the talk, "Moms Mentoring Moms."

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Research indicates those who write their goals out, 95% of them will reach their goals. The Bible gives reason to plan our lives in several places: Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish." And Isaiah 32:8, "But the noble man devises noble plans; and by noble plans he stands." Join Kym as she shares her journey of the Gift of Goals: the areas to set them in, how to reassess and how often, and how to help our children dream big, and break these into smaller, bite-size pieces.

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Research shows when adults and children eat together . . .children do better in school, they have fewer behavior problems, and they like talking with the adults in their lives. Teens are less apt to smoke, use alcohol or drugs and family values and traditions and traditions are passed on.  Join Kym as she shares the vision of the Family Meal, its importance, how to plan meals and shop for groceries with great ease, and how each family can create special times around the table, with just a bit of preparation.

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From a "letís enjoy ourselves and have fun" and the work not getting done, to a more organized family life, join Kym as she shares her journey in teaching her eight children how to work and choose a good attitude about it. She talks about childrenís chores from a biblical perspective, casting a vision of why we want to teach our children to work. Kym helps you establish the reasons to teach our children to work. Work attitudes are discussed and how to create the plan with chore charts.

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Why do we, as moms, want to invest our time and money in art projects and creative endeavors? Especially when we already have so much on our plates. Join Kym as she shares ways to teach our children creativity - even if that trait is not ours. She gives ideas, resources, lists and more to help you appear more creative, and to help our children learn and explore in this important imaginative process.

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